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How to Paint Roses Black

Roxanne McHenry

Roses are the most popular flower worldwide, according to TheFlowerExpert.com, but certain colors cannot be created in fresh roses despite centuries of rose breeding efforts, particularly a true black rose.

True black is not a natural rose color.

All is not lost, however, if you hope to give fresh black roses to a certain someone or even carry black roses in a wedding bouquet. Painting fresh flowers in unnatural colors is a floral industry secret that you can do yourself at home thanks to floral spray paint.

  1. Put on an old apron and nitrile gloves, and spread several layers of newspaper over the work surface. Place the floral foam block on one side of the work surface covered in newspaper.

  2. Shake the floral spray paint can before using in a well-ventilated area. Hold one rose upright in your non-dominant hand and over the newspaper for spraying.

  3. Hold the spray can in your dominant hand, and spray the black paint about 15 to 18 inches away from the fresh rose. Apply a light mist of color as you move the spray can in a back and forth motion for an even coat.

  4. Place the sprayed rose stems into the floral foam after the first spray coat to dry for three to five minutes.

  5. Apply a second coat of black floral spray paint over each rose blossom, turning the rose upside down to coat the underneath of the blossom.

  6. Place the stems of the painted roses back into the floral foam until dry to the touch for at least several minutes, andproceed to condition and prepare the roses for display or a bouquet.

  7. Tip

    Use the floral spray paint in a well-ventilated area at room temperature or about 70 degrees F.


    Spray the roses out of direct sunlight or the floral paint will dry too quickly.
    Spray the roses, working steadily to reduce the amount of time the flowers spend out of water.