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How to Make a Reindeer From a Round Bale of Hay

Jessica Westover

Create a large and unique Christmas decoration for your yard or farm by turning an old or spare round hay bale into a reindeer. Neighbors and individuals passing by your home will not miss your display of holiday creativity. Although the object is quite large, it is relatively easy to make.

Use round hay bales to make Christmas decorations.

The most difficult part is moving the bale into position. If you don't have a hay bale of your own, you can purchase one from a local farm.

  1. Move the hay bale with a tractor so the round portion is facing a driveway or roadway. Position the bale on a flat piece of ground where it will be most visible.

  2. Paint the entire surface of the round bale with brown spray paint. Spray the paint over the surface until it is entirely coated. Wear eye goggles and a mask to avoid breathing in the fumes. Paint round or oval spots on the top of the hale bale with white spray paint to give your reindeer spots.

  3. Paint two large ovals side by side on the top one-third portion of the bale with white spray paint to form eyes. Wait for the paint to dry and then paint two smaller circles in the middle of the white ovals using black spray paint.

  4. Cut a 3- to 4-inch thick circle of wood from an old tree trunk, chopping block or piece of firewood using a chainsaw. Paint the top surface and sides of the wooden circle with red spray paint to form a nose.

  5. Drill a 1-inch hole through the center of the wooden nose. Insert one end of a 1-inch thick and 2-foot long wooden dowel into the hole. Spray paint the end of the dowel red. Insert the dowel into the center of the hale bale below the eyes of the reindeer. Push the dowel into the bale until the wooden circle is against the side of the bale.

  6. Cut two tree branches from a tree and insert the ends into the top of the hale bale. Position the branches on either side of the top of the bale so the branched ends are facing upward and away from each other.

  7. Trace and cut out a teardrop shaped ear from each piece of brown felt to create ears for your reindeer. Attach a length of wire around the edge of the backside of each ear. Bend the wire to meet the shape of the ear and use a hot glue gun to glue the wire to the felt.

  8. Hot glue the end of a 2-foot long wooden dowel to the bottom portion of each ear. Attach one ear to either side of the bale by pushing the wooden dowel into the hay.

  9. Warning

    Do not feed painted hay to animals as it will harm them.