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How to Decorate a Chainlink Fence

Diane Steinbach

Chain link fences are an affordable option for homeowners with pets or who like the extra security and privacy fences can provide. Although functional, they aren't usually the most decorative aspect of a yard, but you can dress up your chain link fence to become an asset instead of an eye sore. A trip to the hardware store is all you need to get started with your chain link fence transformation.

  1. Spray paint your chain link fence to blend with the area around it. Use a green or brown rust inhibitor spray paint and paint both the chain link and the support poles by placing cardboard on one side of the fence, and spray from the other side. Repeat on the other side to complete the fence.

  2. Create a design with cups. The openings in a chain link fence are the perfect size to stick plastic cups through to create a pattern. Whether you use regular plastic drinking cups, or use manufactured and marketed cups for this specific purpose, you can use various colors of cups and create a pattern or design by varying the colors in the fence. Simply stick the smaller end of the cup through the fence and push through until held tightly in place. This application is more appropriate for a school chain link fence than a home landscape.

  3. Attach artwork to the chain link fence with wires. Cut interesting shapes out of aluminum or copper with a blowtorch or metal clippers. Drill a hole or two at the top of the piece and attach to the fence with rust proof wire. Use animal shapes, flower shapes and even words to design your metal artwork and build upon your theme over time. Wood can also be used to create your artwork if you prefer.

  4. Plant some Morning Glories, Honeysuckle or Wisteria (depending on your climate) to climb onto your chain link fence and keep it decorated with natural beauty all summer long. Many of these plants and Ivies can grow quickly and provide lovely blooms and privacy all season long.

  5. Create some colorful hearts over your chain link fence by using scraps of yarn. Take a small ball of yarn and tie one end to a portion of the chain link fence. Wrap the yarn around the chain link parts to create a "V" in yarn, which looks like a heart. Continue to scatter the colorful hearts across the fence for a fanciful look.

  6. Wire bamboo panels onto your chain link fence to create a warm and lush looking backyard in hours. Roll out bamboo panels you can get at your home design store and place against the chain link fence. Secure the panels to the fence with wire or plastic zip ties. Attach at the top and sides to hold them firmly to the fence. Continue until the fence is covered.