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How to Decorate a Lamppost

Boze Herrington

For many people lampposts reflect something exciting and magical about life and the changing of seasons. Antique lampposts from the late 19th century evoke a feeling of wonder with their wrought-iron casting and acanthus leaf ornamentation -- a feeling that was crystallized by the Narnia books. Not all street lights retain that “classic” appearance, but decorating them remains a seasonal tradition that rekindles the old feeling of enchantment through a combination of ritual and sheer beauty.

Plants and Vines

Especially at twilight, lampposts conjure a sense of wonder.

One all-natural and long-lasting way of decorating a lamppost is to surround it with plants and climbing vines such as morning glory. Clematis is a vine that produces colorful flowers depending on the type. Once it attaches itself to a physical object like a mailbox, trellis or lamppost, it climbs on and around it without needing much human assistance. Some vines may need occasional pruning to get them moving in the right direction. Because clematis is a slow grower, it may also need to be fertilized, especially in the first year.

Spring and Summer Decorations

During the spring and summer months, street lamps and lampposts can be decorated with light pole banners welcoming visitors or making important announcements. This is especially beneficial for community lampposts on city streets. Digitally printed pole banners can be switched out throughout the year as new events occur in the life of the community. During Easter, decorate your yard or neighborhood by hanging paper egg lanterns between the posts. Pole banners and egg lanterns can both be suspended between two lampposts by bungee cords firmly secured at all four corners.

Autumn and Thanksgiving

Fall affords an opportunity for creative decorations in keeping with the colors of the season. Because the color schemes of Halloween and Thanksgiving are largely similar, garlands of red, yellow and orange leaves placed on or beneath lampposts in early fall can remain there until after Thanksgiving. Plain wreaths made of dry leaves dispense a welcoming aura to holiday visitors. Add similar wreaths to all lampposts in the neighborhood to create a sense of uniformity and communal spirit. Secure the wreaths to the lampposts using securely tied ribbons painted in the colors of the season.

Winter Holidays

Add a touch of decorative flair to a lamppost by hanging a simple green garland either from the top of the post or tying it firmly around the base. As the weather grows colder and frost encroaches, encircle your lampposts in a silvery white mesh spangled with white lights. For an added symbolic touch, combine the garlands, lights and mesh to signify the persistence of familial warmth amid winter’s chill.