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Things to Hang on a Shepherd's Hook

Anise Hunter

A shepherd's hook looks like the traditional crooked stick that a shepherd would use for herding sheep. You may not have any sheep, but many home decorating hangers are still being made with a curved end to hang decor items for your home. Some already come with a decorative handle or with metal or wooden decor items that hang from the end of the hook.


Hang flowers in a jar off a shepherd's hook
Hang flowers in a jar off a shepherd's hook

A shepherd's hook is a great place to hang fresh or dried flowers. The flowers should be in a container. A small vase or a mason jar with a wire around the top is a good way to keep the flowers moist. Dry flowers can be in a basket.


Lanterns look beautiful hanging from a hook

Hang a lantern on a shepherd's hook for a parade, a lantern procession, or an evening event. If the lantern is lit with a candle, make sure that it is securely attached to the shepherd's hook and that the hook is secure in the ground or your hands.

Bird feeder or house

It's best to keep bird feeders out of the way of cats

A shepherd's hook is a good way to keep precious items away from some garden animals. Place bird feeders, houses, or light baths on a durable metal shepherd's hook and they will be very difficult for cats and other predators to reach.