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How Can I Hang Glass Fishing Float Balls?

Martha Burg

Hanging colorful glass fishing float balls is a fun way to change your decor. Fishing float balls come in an array of colors and design. They can be hung alone or in a cluster to attract and reflect the light from a window or lamp. Hanging outdoors on the patio or deck creates a colorful backdrop and goes well with plants and flowers. Hanging the fishing float balls indoors adds color and interest to a dull space.

Hang in a Fishing Net

Glass fishing float balls come in many colors and designs.
  1. Buy or gather your glass fishing float balls; you can use as few as two or as many as you would like. A nice display usually has 5 to 10. Wash them in soapy water and dry them to make them shine.

  2. Choose the netting. This can be bouhgt online or at a fishing supply store. There is decorative netting available in most colors. The size can be 3 by 5 foot or 10 by 15 foot depending on the area you wish to decorate.

  3. Attach the netting to the wall using small nails or hooks or visit the hardware store for decorative nautical design hooks. Leave space between the hooks for the net to hang loosely.

  4. Place the glass fishing float balls inside the netting. Space them to create a pleasing design.

Hang in a Rope Planter

  1. Buy a rope planter at a gardening store or discount store in the garden center. Rope planters usually are supplied with a hook or loop for hanging. Remove any plastic flower pots that may be included.

  2. Place from 1 to 3 glass fishing float balls into the rope planter. After each ball is in place, tie a knot with nautical rope before placing the next ball into the planter.

  3. Hang the planter with a nail or a hook. These look decorative hanging in a window or from an outside gazebo where they can catch and reflect the light.