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How to Decorate a Large Hole in the Wall

Phyllis Benson

A big hole in the wall is a window of opportunity. Whether it is an irregular hole from remodeling or a smooth, finished interior wall opening, the gap offers a chance to bring movement and interaction between two rooms. The theme can be formal or funny, traditional or metaphysical. Here are tips on decorating the "hole" thing.

Decorate a Large Hole in the Wall
  1. Bead the gap. Buy or make a beaded curtain that gives privacy. Beads come in traditional wood colors and in wild designs. Mardi Gras glitter is well suited to cover an irregular opening. Bead strings can be trimmed to fit the opening or cut shorter for movement in a breeze. Add a curtain tieback on each side for easy access.

  2. Snare the opening with a fishing, bird or yarn net. Anchor it across the hole with cup hooks placed on the top and sides. Use clothespins to scatter vacation postcards or family pictures across the net. Or clip on a baseball cap collection. Another option is to use small cable ties for attaching small souvenir ornaments or other decorations.

  3. Hang a dream catcher. In Chippewa culture, the dream catcher is a dream snare woven across a hoop. Legend has it bad dreams are caught in the web and disappear in the light of day. Good dreams pass through to the person. Choose one or more genuine dream catchers or make a decorative version.

  4. Shelve it. Check the bathroom accessory section of home centers and department stores. Bathroom shelves and organizers are sold with adjustable feet that allow the legs to be adjusted top and bottom to hold a set of shelves level and secure. Use the shelves to hold colorful arty objects or framed family photos.

  5. Use the breezeway for a mobile. Hang a swivel to attach a design mobile or spinning collection of photos, stuffed toys or other eye-catchers. Some mobiles are available in fun animal themes or educational planetary versions.

  6. Cover the hole with a bamboo screen. Paint it on both sides with a woodland meadow or flower garden design. Roll the screen up to use the common opening. Fabric screens are available to match room decor.

  7. Make a false window. Use cup hooks around the hole to weave a frame of fern and flower decorations. Hang a sun catcher, wind chimes and other artwork in varying heights from the top of the hole. Add wind spinners or patio streamers as desired.