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How to Hang Gazing Globes & Balls

Stephanie Flood

Gazing globes and garden spheres are abstract pieces of landscape or home decor that tend to reflect the light really well. These orbs come in all types of dazzling colors that express swirling movement and artistic designs. The best way to create the mystery of a gazing ball is to have it hang from your trees or porch roof, which will give it an illusion as if it is actually floating in mid-air. You can also hang a gazing ball on your own using a secure hanger in an attractive area.

Gazing balls can hang from wrapped metal.
  1. Buy a secure hook to hang your ball from. This works well if you have a built-in loop on your gazing ball. Attach this loop onto a rod iron or chrome shepherd's hook that you can get in different colors, metals and styles from any garden store. This hook allows you to hang your gazing ball at a safe distance above the ground.

  2. Get a safe metal hanger if you want your ball to fully hang from above. These usually make beautiful lawn ornaments. They come in a variety of finishes and styles. This offers a way to hang up your gazing ball higher above the ground in a secure holder that is built for gazing balls. Make sure to find one that will fit your ball.

  3. Install your ball onto the shepherd's hook or hanger. Use care when hanging the ball's loop on the hook. Firmly grasp the ball's loop in your hand and tip it enough so the hook reaches the loop. Gradually lower the ball so it is positioned securely in place. Do this carefully to avoid breaking the loop or scratching the orb. For the gazing ball stand, all you have to do is gently place the ball on the stand.

  4. Plan and position your hanging ball in your lawn or house. Assess dangers like possible tree branches or areas where animals may knock it over. Consider where the light shines best. Think about where your ball will be emphasized, such as near your shimmering pool or hanging next to your sun-bathed flower garden.

  5. Install your gazing ball as securely as possible in the planned area. Position the shepherd's hook in a flat landscape. You may either have to pound the bottom of it into the dirt or use a hook with a base that can sit on the ground. The decorative metal hanger can hang from any tree or hook. Just find a strong limb for it to hang from.