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Instructions for a Jardine Crib Model DA715BC

Heather Heinzer

The Jardine Olympia Crib is sold at many retail outlets in the United States. It is designed to be a bed that will remain useful from the time your baby is born until she is a teenager. Unlike some convertible cribs that are cumbersome to transform from one function to another, the Olympia crib can be assembled in approximately 30 minutes and converted in under 10 minutes.

Crib Assembly

  1. Secure the front posts of the crib to the side panels by matching the wood dowel in the end of the side panel to the hole in the back of the front post. Once the front posts are temporarily secured in place, you can permanently secure them by installing a 2 1/2-inch bolt through the top hole in the front post to the end of the side panel. For the bottom holes, you will use a 3-inch bolt on either side. Tighten the bolts by using the Allen key to turn them clockwise.

  2. Lean the head board against a wall or have someone hold it for you while you attach the side panels to it. As with the front posts, you will first align the wood dowel in the end of the front panel to the hole in the headboard. If your side panels are in the correct position, the curve at the top of the side panels will point out of the crib. Again, secure the side panels by installing one 2 1/2-inch bolt through the back of the headboard at the top and a 3-inch bolt through the holes along the bottom of the headboard.

  3. Install the spring assembly by placing a 1/2-inch bolt through the spring assembly support brackets into the vertical column of holes along the front of the headboard at each corner and the back side of the front posts. Make sure all support brackets are installed at the same level. When properly installed, the angle of the bracket will be above the height of the spring assembly.

  4. Insert the front panel between the front posts and secure using 3-inch bolts through the top and bottom holes on the outside edge of the front posts.

Toddler Bed Conversion

  1. Turn the bolts in the ends of the front posts counter-clockwise to remove the front panel. Store the front panel in a dry location until you are ready to convert the toddler bed to a full size bed.

  2. Move the spring assembly brackets to the lowest setting on the headboard and front posts. To do this, remove the bolts and reinsert them in the lowest holes.

  3. Install the guard rail between the front posts. Insert the guard rail into the slots on the inside edges of the front posts and secure using one 3 1/2-inch bolt through each front post into the guard rail.

Full Size Bed Conversion

  1. Purchase the full size bed rail conversion kit from Jardine. These parts are not included when you purchase the crib.

  2. Disassemble the remainder of the crib by removing the bolts securing the front posts and the headboard to the side panels. There will be a total of eight bolts to remove.

  3. Attach the front posts to the ends of the front panel. When you do this, make sure the top curve of the front posts curves away from the bed. Secure by inserting two 3-inch bolts through each front post into the ends of the front panel.

  4. Attach the full size bed rails between the head board and the foot board. These are held in place by sliding the rails into the notches at the bottom of the head board and foot board.