How to Bond Glass to Metal

Fixing old windows, making glass crafts, and attaching the rear-view mirror to a car; are some of the reasons to adhere glass to metal. But adhering glass to metal can be difficult without the proper preparation and adhesive. Most adhesives will not adhere glass to metal, using a glass to metal adhesive will ensure the glass and metal bond together properly. When you properly prepare and bond the glass to metal, the bond can be permanent.

Glass adhesive will help you fix broken windows.
  1. Buy glass adhesive. Most hardware and window stores sell glass adhesive. Ask the salesman for a glass adhesive that adheres glass to metal. Some glass adhesives are two parts that must be mixed together and some glass adhesives do not need to be mixed.

  2. Clean the glass surface. Spray the glass surface with the glass cleaner and wipe it clean with the cloth. Let the glass surface dry for at least ten minutes.

  3. Clean the metal surface with the mild detergent and water. Scrub the surface with the cloth and remove the detergent with water. Let the metal surface dry for at least 30 minutes.

  4. Apply glass adhesive to the glass surface. If you have a two part adhesive apply the activator to the metal surface.

  5. Press the metal to the glass surface. Hold the metal to the glass for at least three minutes until the metal object is firm. Full adhesion will occur in an hour.