How to Fix a Frigidaire Freezer & Refrigerator That Is Not Cold Enough

Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers are designed to keep your food fresh for longer, but when the temperature gets too high, you may find your vegetables and other perishables spoil at a faster rate. Ensuring your refrigerator and freezer operate at the correct temperature increases the life of your food, giving you longer to enjoy your purchases. Proper setup also reduces the risk of illness and food poisoning as a result of improper storage.

Keeping your refrigerator at the correct temperature makes your food last longer.
  1. Adjust the thermostat or digital temperature control; the temperature may be configured too high. Keep your freezer between 0 and minus 2 Fahrenheit (minus 18 and minus 19 Celsius) and the refrigerator at around 37 Fahrenheit (3 Celsius). Appliances with digital controls are easier to adjust; simply tap the buttons below the freezer temperature display. It may help to purchase a refrigerator and freezer thermometer if your model uses a dial thermostat, although the "4" setting is usually acceptable. Allow 24 hours for any changes to come fully into effect.

  2. Rethink where you keep your Frigidaire refrigerator and freezer. Ovens, boilers, radiators and other heat sources work against the appliance's cooling action, raising internal temperatures. You shouldn't keep a refrigerator in a room that frequently experiences temperature extremes -- a garage in winter or summer, for example.

  3. Change how you use the appliance. Try to limit the number of times you open the door during the day, never propping the door open for more than a few seconds. Storing warm or hot food containers can throw off the internal temperature if this continues over a long period.

  4. Make sure the door seals are in good condition and make contact with the body of the refrigerator. Crack, corroded or folded door seals let in room-temperature air. Make sure all the crisper draws close properly and that no food containers hold the door ajar. Contact Frigidaire if you need replacement seals.

  5. Run a complete defrost cycle. Frigidaire refrigerators and freezers automatically melt ice buildup, but if ice becomes a serious problem, the internal computer may not be able to handle the workload. Consider moving your food to another location for 24 to 48 hours and unplugging the refrigerator. Ice stuck to the condenser coils will have time to melt away and this will improve the appliance's cooling function. Place towels around the refrigerator in case the melting ice floods the kitchen.