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How to Get Resin and Hardener Off Your Hands

Kaye Wagner

Resins and hardeners are very strong adhesives that allow you to attach a number of types of materials. Be careful not to get them on your skin, however, as hardeners and resins can irritate your skin and cause a rash that is similar to poison ivy. Work quickly to remove any resin or hardener from your hands so it doesn't have time to get very hard. While the resin and hardener are tough to remove from some surfaces, you can remove them from your hands with soap and some elbow grease.

Wash hands with soap and water to work to remove resin and hardener.
  1. Wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water to remove most of the resin or hardener. Most hardener is water soluble, and this might be the only step needed to remove it. Resin will likely require more work.

  2. Rub waterless antibacterial gel over any resin or hardener gel that might still be on your hands. Work until your skin is completely clean and clear.

  3. Wash your hands with soap and water to rinse off any residue.