How to Install a Hot Spring Spa Wire

Hot Spring Spas has been building hot tubs since the 1980s and has sold more than 875,000 units. Relaxing in a spa after a long day at work or strenuous exercise helps soothe muscles. Wiring the spa correctly ensures you don't get electrocuted when you get in the water. Spa's are protected by GFCI breakers installed in the electrical panel. Have an electrician install the proper breaker and run the wires to the spa.

Wiring your Hot Spring Spa is the last step in installation.
  1. Turn the power off to the circuit you are working on at the home's distribution panel. Confirm the power is off by touching a non-contact voltage detector to the wire's insulation.

  2. Remove the access cover from the side of the Hot Spring Spa by lifting it off with your hands.

  3. Find the electrical connections inside the hot tub. Loosen the four electrical terminals with a screwdriver.

  4. Strip 3/8 inch of insulation from the red, black, white and green wires coming from the distribution panel.

  5. Insert the green wire into the ground terminal marked "GRD" and tighten it.

  6. Insert the white wire in the neutral terminal marker "N" and tighten it.

  7. Insert the black wire in the hot terminal marked "L1" and tighten it.

  8. Insert the red wire in the hot terminal marked "L2" and tighten it.


  • Working around electricity is dangerous because you can't see it and it takes only a small amount to stop your heart. Be sure the power is turned off before you begin work.

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