How to Cut Laminate With a Jigsaw

Cutting laminate countertops or other laminate surfaces can be tricky. Laminate is very sensitive and will crack and chip if not cut properly. To make a hole in laminate for a sink or other item, you must use a jigsaw to make the cut only after adequately preparing the laminate surface for cutting. Finally, the right jigsaw blade must be used so the cut results in no cracks or chips.

A properly cut laminate countertop will have a finished look.
  1. Place painter's tape over the laminate area you will be cutting. Make certain the tape overlaps by at least 1 inch to both sides of the cut.

  2. Mark with the pencil the area to be cut out. Ensure the mark is over the tape. If there is no tape where you need to mark for the cut, add tape to that area.

  3. Drill a hole with the drill and the 5/16 wood drill bit. Make a hole on each of the four corners of the area marked with the pencil. Make sure the hole is slightly off-centered so the excess hole from the drill bit is opened toward the area that will be cut off.

  4. Insert the jigsaw with the laminate blade into one of the four holes opened on the laminate. Turn on the jigsaw at full speed and slowly follow the outline made with the pencil until you cut out the piece completely. Make sure you move the jigsaw slowly through the laminate to prevent the laminate from breaking.

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