How to Install Gossamer on Walls

Gossamer is a thin, semitransparent fabric that has a variety of uses, including decorating.

Gossamer instantly transforms any wall.Gossamer instantly transforms any wall.
Gossamer is available in small streamer sizes all the way up to full fabric panels. The fabric panels are commonly used to create backdrops and disguise walls at proms, parties, weddings and many other special occasions. Hanging gossamer on a wall requires only basic tools and a ladder that is tall enough to reach the ceiling in the room where you're installing the gossamer.

Place a ladder near the wall where you want to hang the gossamer material, and climb up until you can reach the ceiling. Hold a tape measure at the top of the wall and drop the other end down to the floor. Have an assistant read the measurement, which is how long each piece of gossamer must be.

Climb down the ladder and place the roll of gossamer fabric on a large, flat work surface, and measure out the appropriate lengths, using the tape measure. Cut off each length with a pair of scissors.

Pick up one piece of gossamer and climb back up the ladder at the left side of the wall. Scrunch the top of the gossamer together until it is half of the original width, and place it at the top edge of the wall so it touches the ceiling.

Secure the gossamer in place, using clear push pins spaced at 4- to 5-inch intervals. Climb down the ladder and secure the bottom of the gossamer with additional push pins in the same manner.

Repeat the process with additional gossamer pieces until the entire wall is covered. Overlap each section of gossamer by approximately 1/2 to 1 inch to ensure that no portions of the wall show through.

Things You Will Need

  • Ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Assistant
  • Gossamer fabric
  • Scissors
  • Clear push pins
  • Eye hooks (optional)
  • Fine-gauge wire (optional)
  • Pliers (optional)


  • The 60-inch and 107-inch-wide gossamer rolls work best for hanging on walls.
  • If desired, you can screw a threaded eye hook into the top left and right sides of the wall. Secure a piece of fine-gauge wire around each hook, using pliers, and then drape the gossamer over the wire to hang down. This technique uses more gossamer, since the fabric is essentially doubled up.

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