How to Convert a Corner Kitchen Cabinet Into a Lazy Susan

Everyone seems to have those spaces in their kitchens where there could be lots of valuable storage -- if they could access it. One such common area is the corner kitchen cabinet. This cabinet is usually deeper than the others, ideal for storing lots of items. Well, items you don't mind never seeing again. Somehow that cabinet is so deep and dark that things become difficult to locate, and you might even forget they're there after awhile. Turn the kitchen dungeon into your favorite stashing spot with a blind lazy Susan, which is made specifically for corner cabinets.

  1. Measure the width of your cabinet interior. Select a blind lazy Susan kit that is 2 inches shorter in length than this measurement.

  2. Open the corner cabinet as wide as you can. You may need to remove the door completely to gain proper access.

  3. Measure in from the edge of the cabinet opening along the cabinet wall where you want the lazy Susan to sit. Mark a vertical line at 1 inch with a pencil or chalk, depending on what will show on the cabinet surface. Measure the length of the line to locate and mark the center.

  4. Install the blind lazy Susan mounting bracket centered vertically and horizontally along your marks. Attach the bracket with flathead screws. Attach the lazy Susan tray to the mounting bracket as directed for the specific product you have chosen.

  5. Slide the lazy Susan into place inside the cabinet. Test it once or twice by pulling it all the way out and then pushing it back in. Replace the cabinet door and close it to ensure that the lazy Susan is installed correctly.

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