How to Prevent a Dove Bird From Nesting on a Windowsill

Housing developments have taken over the natural habitats of many birds, which means birds often cannot find a suitable natural place to build a nest. Instead, they choose to nest around human habitations; doves, in particular, often build their nests on windowsills. This can lead to conflicts between humans and birds, since humans don't want messy nests and bird droppings on or around their houses. The best way to prevent a mess is to stop the doves from nesting in the first place, and there are many ways to do so.

Turtle doves can raise several broods each year.
  1. Use a caulking gun to apply lines of bird repellent gel to the windowsill. Scrape off the old gel and spread new gel every six months, when the old gel starts to lose its stickiness. The stickiness of the gel will discourage doves from landing and nesting.

  2. Hang screen, cloth, or plastic netting from the top of the window overhang, so doves cannot land on the windowsill.

  3. Cover the windowsill with wire spikes made to stop birds from landing.

  4. Make the windowsill an impossible place to nest by placing a board on the sill that makes its surface sharply angled rather than flat.

  5. Frighten away the birds. Hang clear plastic strips from the window overhang; they will flutter in the wind, scaring the birds. Play recordings of frightened birds and of predator birds.

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