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How to Install Slant/Fin 30 Baseboard

James Cooper

The Slant/Fin Fine/Line 30 baseboard heating system is a cost-effective way to heat the rooms in your home. Forced hot water baseboard heat is a heating method many homeowners rely upon. Hot water flows through pipes in the Slant/Fin baseboards, radiating warmth and moisture into the air. A boiler heats the water and sends it through pipes from heater to heater. Unless you are a certified plumber, you should not install the boiler yourself. However, you can install the baseboard system. Before installing your Slant/Fin baseboards, refer to the manufacturer's instructions for a diagram and information about various parts of the system.

  1. Use a stud finder and pencil to locate and mark the studs in your wall. You want to attach the baseboard backings to the studs for a secure fitting.

  2. Place the Slant Fin baseboard units around the room in the areas where you want to install them. The bottom of each unit should be 3 inches off a bare floor and 4 inches up from a carpeted floor.

  3. Use a copper tube cutter to cut 3- or 4-inch pieces of copper heat-loop risers for each baseboard unit.

  4. Remove the backing from the baseboard units. Hammer 10d penny nails through the backings to the wall where the studs are located, inserting a nail into every two studs.

  5. Insert the copper heating elements into the baseboard backings. Solder the copper couplings and elbow fittings to connect each element with the soldering iron and solder. Solder the end of the copper tubing to the boiler outlet.

  6. Clip the covers and end caps onto the baseboard backings.

  7. Turn on the boiler so water flows into the heating elements. Check for leaks.