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How to Install Baseboards on Metal Studs

John Walker

Metal studs are common in modern construction. Most partition walls or non-load bearing walls can use metal studs in place of wood. Metal offers a more stable surface less prone to warping. The downside to installing metal studs is the installation of trim. Baseboards are attached to the wall using trim nails or brads that do not puncture the metal studs. The solution requires using a finish nail and construction adhesive. Finish nails penetrate the steel frame and hold the baseboard in place while the adhesive dries.

Cut exterior and interior corners with a miter saw to obtain the proper angle.
  1. Spread construction adhesive in a zigzag pattern across the back of the baseboard.

  2. Press the board into place and hold it steady for a moment.

  3. Nail 1 1/2-inch finish nails into the piece of trim near the ends. Use two nails per end at an angle to each other so that the 2 nails form an "X" in the wall.

  4. Nail one or two more finish nails along the length of the baseboard for added stability.