How to Keep Bees From Building a Nest

Bees are an essential part of the ecosystem, because they are responsible for pollinating many fruits, vegetables and flowering plants. But because they have the inclination to sting if disturbed or to defend their territory, having a bee nest nearby usually is undesirable. If you prefer to deter bees from nesting, rather than removing a nest after it has been built, there are a few steps you can take to help discourage them from making their home near you.

Bees have hairy bodies and should not be confused with wasps.

Step 1

Close up any openings where the bees may be gaining access to the building. Keep screens on doors and windows. Check the attic for any potential openings that bees can come through. Cover openings with a fine mesh that the bees cannot fit through, if the building cannot be closed due to airflow or other concerns. Keep the bees out of the home, garage or shop and they will not have the opportunity to build a nest.

Step 2

Remove flowering plants in gardens, to avoid attracting the bees in the first place. Bees seek out flowering plants as a source of nectar for nourishment and for making honey. Without access to nectar, the bees are more likely to establish a nest elsewhere. Plant ornamental grasses or shade plants that will not provide the bees with nectar.

Step 3

Cut down dead trees, and fill in any holes in the ground. Bees will sometimes nest in old, hollowed-out trees or holes in the ground left by rodents. If bees have already moved into these holes, spray water inside to encourage them to move elsewhere.

Step 4

Spray a commercial bee repellent on the area of concern, to keep the bees away using their sense of smell. Make your own bee repellent by combining equal parts of tea tree oil and benzaldehyde. Keep sweet-smelling liquids, vegetables and fruits in air-tight containers or refrigerated, so that the smells do not attract bees.

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