How Does a Carpet Steam Cleaner Work?

Steam cleaners, in general, all work in the same manner, whether for carpets, clothing, or other purposes. The steam cleaner uses water to create steam, which carries heat and varying amounts of moisture to the surface you are cleaning. The hot steam, combined with agitation, cleans and sanitizes the surface. In the case of carpet cleaners, the agitation is usually a combination of the user 's motions and a brush or other cleaning attachment.

The amount of moisture in the steam, and the heat of the steam, can vary depending on the machine. In general, higher-end, more expensive carpet steam cleaners are able to convert a smaller amount of water into a hotter, more concentrated amount of steam. These machines leave much less wet residue on the carpet than economy cleaners. Poli, (pictured above) made in Europe, is a very popular high-end carpet steam cleaner.

How Carpet Steam Cleaners Work

How Does a Carpet Steam Cleaner Work?

Why Use a Carpet Steam Cleaner?

Vacuuming a carpet is usually not good enough to thoroughly clean it. Dirt, germs and pet hair can burrow down deeply into the carpet fibers, even if you cannot see them. Allergens and even pests like fleas can also live in a carpet, and vacuuming alone is not enough to get rid of them. It is especially important to keep your carpet as clean and sanitary as possible if you have small children playing on it, because they are more susceptible to germs than adults. Steam cleaning your carpet at least twice per month ensures that bacteria and germs will not be multiplying in the depths of your carpet fibers, and the hot steam will also kill fleas and their larvae.

Carpets and More

While steam cleaners are great for deep cleaning carpets, they can also be used in a number of other ways. In fact, they can be used on almost any surface, other than those that are heat-sensitive, such as silks or plastics. Carpet cleaners are often made with a hard surface attachment, to be used to disinfect tile or wood floors. Some carpet steam cleaners are portable. These machines are small and light, and are specifically made to spot-clean stains, or clean small areas only.

You can also use a carpet steam cleaner to deep clean your furniture. Those pet hairs, allergens, and bacteria can also grow in the cracks and crevices of your couch. You can use it to clean drapes, the cat's bed, and even use it to defrost frozen pipes. You can also use it to sanitize anything that cannot be easily washed with scalding hot water, such as an outdoor doghouse.