How Much Water Does the Average Well Pump?

There are many different uses for water wells, depending on the size of the residence, building or group of buildings that the well has to support. Because drought conditions can also affect the performance of a given well, finding one particular average is difficult. However, using different performance metrics, it is possible to determine a general range of well-water flow.

General Requirements

If you live on land with a well, knowing its average flow is very important.

While requirements often vary by local entity, there are some basic parameters that most wells must meet for governmental bodies to consider them viable water supplies for a residence. Ventura County, California, has requirements typical for most outlying communities, mandating that a well produce five gallons per minute for every house that it would support.

Determining Well Yield

It's important to figure out the yield of the well supporting your house or building. Well testers will run your well pump and measure the speed with which water comes out of the well and how far your water level drops while the pump is operating. Once you know this figure, you'll know whether or not the pump will support your needs. The average water use by a family of four is 300 gallons per day, or 10.25 gallons per hour.

Well Yield Development

When you're having a well put in, it's important to ensure that your contractors do a solid job of well development. This involves removing the silt and clay that get into the system during drilling. Not only does this increase your overall yield, it keeps sand from pumping into your well and keeps your water sanitary longer.

Well Development Techniques

There are several different methods contractors use to improve well performance through development. You can pump your well at a higher rate than normal; you can also backwash the water, which involves flowing the water in the reverse direction. Sending water through the well screen at a higher speed with compressed air or bailing sediment out of the well screen are two other methods.

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