Problems With Dimango Chimes

Dimango is a distributor of wireless door chimes from Thomas and Betts.

Wireless Door Chimes

Dimango chimes make a sound when a person comes through the door.
Dimango carries a number of different door chime models, which can malfunction for a number of reasons including interference from other wireless door chimes operating on the same frequency, in the same vicinity. Most other problems are caused by faulty batteries or battery installation, or by placing the chime out of range of the receiver. .

Wireless door chimes operate by means of a radio transmitter, which transmits a radio signal from a device on the door to a "slave chime" plugged into an outlet somewhere else in the home. Because this type of chime does not need to be wired into the home's electrical system, it is not subject to problems caused by broken wiring. The installation can be done at home without the help of a professional, although troubleshooting is sometimes necessary.

Interference with the Dimango RC3304F and RC3306F

If another wireless chime system using the same frequency is operating nearby, then it can interfere with the Dimango RC3304F and the Dimango RC3306Fand set them off. If this is the case, the device will have to be changed so that it will operate on a different frequency or "privacy code." To do this, you should use a nail clipper to clip one of the wires on the receiver. The wires will be marked A through E, and will correspond to the wires with the same letters on the chime button. You can cut any of the wires on the receiver, but verify that the wire you cut is not in contact with the other wires. Next, do the same thing with the chime button, but make sure to cut the exact same wire or the device will be broken.

Interference with Other Models

Interference from another wireless chime can also occur with the Dimango RC3510D and RC3513D models, but must be handled somewhat differently. When cutting one of the wires on the receiver to change the frequency with one of these models, you must first lift up the plastic film on the back without tearing it. When you're done cutting the wire, press the film back down. If it doesn't stick, it will need to be replaced. A replacement film is included with these models by Dimango. The rest of the process is the same as for the RC3304F. TThe procedure for changing the frequency or "privacy code" on the plug-in wireless RC3730D, RC3250, RC3732D, and RC3252 models from Dimango is the same, except that the receiver must first be unplugged, and the receiver wire compartment and cover must be unscrewed.

Other Problems

A chime button that does not sound could be out of range of the receiver. The battery might not be correctly installed, or it might need to be replaced. The chime will normally play a message to let you know when the batteries need to be changed. If the chime on this model only plays a "Dong" sound and you want to change the sound, this can be done by using the scroll button on the door chime's transmitter.

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