List of GE Air Conditioner Model Numbers

Skip Davis

General Electric, or GE, is one of the most successful appliance companies in the world, amassing an international revenue of $13.4 billion in 2011. Air conditioners represent one of GE's trademark products. Most of GE's air conditioners are window units, or units placed in the window for processing air brought in from outside the home. Depending on the air conditioner's power (measured in BTUs), some units cool down entire houses, while others are designed for cooling down a specific room.

Electronic Units

The GE electronic air conditioner series has four model numbers: ASQ, ASM, AEM and AEQ. All of GE's electronic air conditioners have three fan speeds. The ASQ28DL air conditioner is the most powerful of GE's electronic units. This model has approximately 27,600 BTUs and 3250 cooling watts; the ASQ28DL requires 230/208 volts of electricity. GE's electronic units only have the capability for cooling down the room, not heating it up. The ASQ model line has nine different types of air conditioners. Other functions on electronic units are electronic thermostats and delay timers.

Mechanical Units

One of the major differences between GE's mechanical and electronic units is the lack of electric bells and whistles (delay timers and electronic thermostats) on the mechanical brands. Homeowners are able to turn on the air conditioner by turning knobs rather than pressing buttons. GE makes two models of mechanical units, ASV and AEV. The only AEV model is the AEV24DL, a unit with over 23,000 BTU and three levels of cooling. However, this model -- along with all GE mechanical air conditioners -- only have two fan speeds. GE manufactures seven ASV units; the most powerful (ASV18DL) has 17,900 BTUs.

Heat/Cool Units

As their names suggest, GE's heat/cool units have cooling and heating capabilities. These units have 10 levels of temperature. Levels one to five are for heating, while six to ten are cooling levels. Heat/cool units also have adjustable thermostats. GE manufactures three model numbers of heat/cool units: AEE18DK, AEE12DK and AEE08AK. The most powerful GE heat/cool unit is the AEE18DK, which has 18,000 cooling BTUs and 11,000 heating BTUs. Heat/cool units are mechanically operated, not electronic.

Built-In Units

Built-in air conditioners mount on interior walls as opposed to being placed in a window. GE manufactures 24 built-in air conditioner units. Built-in units are usually less powerful than window units, with the four most powerful models (AJCS12DCC, AJCH12DCC, AJEH12DCC and AJES12DCC) having 11,600 BTUs. The majority of units are meant to be installed within arm's reach, but two models (AJCH and AJEH) are high-mount units. The AJCH (cool only) and AJEH (heat/cool) models feature temperature knobs near the bottom of the air conditioner.