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Frigidaire With Error E9E

Meredith Jameson

Most Frigidaire clothes dryers now have an electronic control panel. This panel displays the current cycle selection, cycle progress and any notifications for the user, including error codes. Error codes, such as the “E9E” error, may be something of a mystery for users, however. This code usually means there is a low power supply to the dryer, and owners may want to try to resolve this situation on their own before contacting Frigidaire for help.

Plugged In

The first place to check when it comes to the Frigidaire power supply is the outlet. If the power cord has come loose or is not pushed completely into the outlet, the power supply may be inadequate, resulting in the error message. Push the plug in firmly.

Power Cord

While examining the power plug to see if it is plugged in properly, take a good look at the cord itself. If it has any loose wires or is otherwise damaged or broken, it will not work properly, and the error code may result from this as well. If the power cord is worn, loose or broken, contact Frigidaire for assistance.


It is important to remember that clothes dryers require a lot of energy to operate properly. If the power supply at the electrical outlet is low, the dryer will not have enough power, and the E9E error code may occur as a result. It is recommended that the dryer be connected to a power outlet with 120-volts AC or more. Owners who are not certain of their voltage can either check the outlet voltage with a voltage meter, available for purchase at most hardware or home retail stores, or by contacting an electrician for help.

Control Board

Once it has been determined that the power cord and outlet are both in working order, it remains a possibility that the control board is malfunctioning. Many owners will choose to contact Frigidaire for assistance at this point, but more technical-minded owners may choose to disconnect power to the dryer and open the dryer console. Once inside the console, look for the red wire connected to the heater relay and see if it is loose or burnt. If it is, it will need to be replaced.