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My Maytag Atlantis Dryer Won't Heat Up

Paul Bright

While dryer products by Maytag have been considered very reliable, there are times when your Maytag dryer doesn't perform to standard, such as not heating up. The Atlantis model is no exception. There are some common fixes to a dryer that won't heat up such as a clogged ventilation system, for example. While other issues are electrically related and require the use of your Atlantis dryer's wiring schematics. Either way, you can save money by troubleshooting from the most common causes to the more complicated ones and replacing your Atlantis dryer's defective parts by yourself.

A simple check for a dryer that won't heat up is the fuse box, where the dryer's outlet circuit breaker is located.
  1. Examine your home's circuit breakers and fuses for the dryer are in proper order. A popped breaker or broken fuse may prevent heat from generating in the dyer or interrupt the power supply.

  2. Check your dryer settings for whatever you plan to dry. Some Atlantis dryer settings like "Air Fluff" do not utilize a lot of heat. Drying bulky items in these settings might make your dryer look like it won't heat up.

  3. Look at the lint filter and exhaust duct to see if both are clean, respectively. If either is clogged with significant lint, water will not escape the dryer and moisture will be retained. Ensure you also look inside the filter housing for caked-up lint.

  4. Inspect the heating element, which typically glows orange when the dryer heat is on and is located on the back of the drum. Turn on the dryer and turn it off after 30 seconds. If you feel no heat or see a glow from the heating element, inspect it for damage by opening up your Atlantis dryer's back panel and locating it via your dryer schematics.

  5. Test the thermal fuses and thermostats. Consult your schematics for the proper readings, which can differ depending on which drying cycle is being used. You can test the thermostats by using an ohm-meter. If you are not comfortable with this, consult a professional repairman.