Cost to Pressure Wash a House

When done correctly, pressure washing provides the safest and easiest way to clean the exterior of a home, such as vinyl siding, decks and porches. With a powerful blast, your home is quickly rid of the grime and dirt that can give it an unkempt appearance. What you pay for pressure washing will vary, but considering the alternative of a dirty home, is worth the cost.

DIY Pressure Washing

Clean the exterior of your home with a pressure washer.

If you will be taking on a pressure washing job yourself, then renting a machine is the most economical approach. The cost to rent a washer varies between $40 to $75 a day, depending upon the location and type of machine. To purchase a residential pressure washer with an electric mower, expect to pay anywhere from $70 to $200, depending on the capacity and size. Gas-powered pressure washers have a higher pressure rating and cost more, anywhere from $300 up to $1,000. Commercial models cost considerably more, starting at $1,000 up to more than $25,000.

Professional Pressure Washing

The rates for a professional pressure washing hinges on several factors, including local rates, square footage of the home and the severity of stain, mold or dirt. The average cost is 8 cents to 35 cents per square foot but may be as high as 40 cents to 80 cents per square foot. To wash the exterior of a 2,100-square-foot home can cost anywhere from $150 up to $750 or more. Pressure washing the entire home, including the driveway, roof, deck and porches can cost between $500 to $1,400 or more.

Extra Fees and Discounts

Oftentimes, a professional pressure washing company will offer to wash the interior windows of a home when onsite to clean the exterior. The cost varies depending on the number of windows in the home. Sometimes, pressure washing companies offer a discount when providing service to homes in the same area. It may be worth your time to ask your neighbors if they need pressure washing service.


While they are more powerful, gas-powered pressure washers work without a power cord and are larger than electric washers. Electric pressure washers produce less power but are quiet to operate. Pressure washers can use cold or hot water. Pressure washers that use cold water are less expensive but do not clean as well alone and are best used with a cleaning solution.