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Can One Use CorningWare in Convection Ovens?

Alice Moon

Convection ovens direct heated air around your food and cookware rather than relying on radiant heat directed from the bottom of the oven to cook food. Convection ovens cook food faster, without hot spots and with less loss of moisture and flavor, even when cooking over several racks. CorningWare products work in convection ovens, but the company places some limits on their use.


Many types of ovens use convection technology, including some toaster ovens, microwave ovens and commercial ovens. Some small standalone convection ovens use Corning glass bowls as their oven chambers.

Oven Limitations

Do not use pieces from the company’s Casual Collections, Colours, Creations, Etch, French White, Portables, Ryku, Scandia White, SimplyLite and Traditions lines under the browning element in a microwave or inside a toaster oven. Pieces from the SimplyLite and StoveTop lines are not made for use with toaster ovens. The CorningWare website warns you to review the label on the bottom of each item for information regarding its use.

Use Limitations

While the company’s stoneware bakeware can be used in convection ovens, it may not be appropriate for specific uses, warns the CorningWare website. Some examples of uses for which the cookware is not designed include heating sugar for caramelization and heating oil for deep fat frying.

Microwave-Specific Instructions

Never heat CorningWare products in a microwave while the cookware is empty as the items may break or become dangerously hot. Don’t heat small amounts of food or overheat oil or butter inside the cookware. The metallic-banded French White pieces are microwave oven-safe because they use a specially-manufactured form of gold.


Avoid sudden or dramatic changes in temperature as these may crack CorningWare items. Also don't bring hot CorningWare pieces into contact with moisture, including allowing liquids to touch the inside or outside of the cookware, and do not use wet towels to handle hot cookware. Never use damaged cookware.


Preheat your convection oven before adding pieces from the StoveTop or SimplyLite lines. For both lines, the glass covers and lids are convection oven-safe, but the plastic covers are not. The bamboo server and the stainless cradle that come with the SimplyLite line are not for convection oven use. The glass covers that accompany the Etch line of products contain stoneware handles that are convection-safe. Allow the lids to cool before immersing them in a dishwater.