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My Corelle Dishes Have Some Metallic Marks From Silverware, How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Kevin Ann Reinhart

The metallic marks you may see on Corelle dishware may or may not have been caused by contact with silverware. The gray areas can also be the result of contact with metal utensils, the exposed metal on dishwasher racks, metal scouring pads or by rubbing against the surface of your stainless steel sink. Regardless of the cause, the marks may be easily removed using a nonabrasive cleanser. A cleanser recommended for rust removal is a good choice.

Traditional Corelle

Corelle dinnerware is break and stain resistant.

Corelle dinnerware is a favorite, chip- and break-resistant product that has been around for years. The dishes are lightweight and safe to use in both conventional ovens and microwaves and are dishwasher safe. The manufacturer, Dow-Corning Corporation, advises against stovetop or broiler use as extreme heat can compromise the dishes and result in premature breakage. Abrasive cleansers should also be avoided as these products can scratch the surface and mar the finish. Plastic or nylon scrubbers are recommended for scouring.

Newer Corelle

Corelle has recently introduced a new line of dinnerware that looks and feels more like traditional stoneware. The new line, "Luxe," may be safely cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher, but loading this, and all Corelle dinnerware, should be done carefully so the dishes do not bump against each other or contact flatware or metal utensils during the washing and rinsing cycles. Luxe products should not soak or stand in water for an extended period as water may be absorbed through the unfinished base.

Corelle Composites

Corelle plates and bowls are made of Vitrelle glass, and the cups, mugs and some accessories are made of stoneware. Although Corelle is break resistant, all stoneware and Vitrelle glass can be broken if abused. Corelle Coordinates dinnerware can go directly from refrigerator or freezer to a microwave, convection or preheated conventional oven if the dish is given a little water before adding foods that release liquids while cooking. Direct heat must be avoided to avoid breakage accidents or injury.

Corelle Warranty Protection

Corelle is backed by a one-year warranty against cracks, breaks, chips or permanent stains. The warranty covers normal household use and does not cover moving, storage, camping or commercial use. If you are unable to remove metal stains using the manufacturer-recommended cleaning agents, your Corelle dinnerware will be replaced by the manufacturer free of charge. You must retain the original sales receipt for proof of date of purchase.