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Calphalon in the Dishwasher

Cynthia Myers

Calphalon is a brand of cookware available in stainless steel and anodized aluminum. You can select Calphalon with a nonstick or a regular surface, in commercial and home use grades. Choose from skillets, saucepans, Dutch ovens and stock pots.

Avoid putting Calphalon in the dishwasher.

Proper care will ensure your Calphalon remains looking good for a lifetime of use.

Dishwasher Use

In the Use and Care notes on the Calphalon website, Calphalon notes that stainless steel cookware is dishwasher safe, but recommends against washing Calphalon in the dishwasher. Harsh dishwasher detergents can discolor or dull the aluminum surface of the pan. Also, other objects hitting against the cookware while it's in the dishwasher could result in dings, pits or dents.

Nonstick Caphalon

If you have Calphalon with a nonstick interior and stainless exterior, you can safely wash these pots in the dishwasher. However, Calphalon recommends you wash by hand instead. And although the website says you can wash your nonstick Calphalon in the dishwasher, the warranty does not cover any damage due to dishwasher use.


Calphalon carries a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship that show up in normal household use. Simply Calphalon carries a 10-year warranty. The warranty specifically excludes any damage due to the cookware being washed in the dishwasher. This includes nonstick Calphalon.

Manufacturer's Recommendation

Calphalon recommends you wash your cookware with a dishwashing liquid such as Dawn. Scrub stains with a non-abrasive cleanser such as Bar Keeper's Friend. Use a soft sponge or brush. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaners. Allow the cookware to cool completely before you submerge it in water. Submerging a hot pan could cause it to crack or warp.