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How to Clean Inside a CorningWare White Tea Pot

Tallulah Philange

CorningWare cookware debuted in 1958 as glass-ceramic materials that cooks could move from the stove to the broiler and to the oven with ease. The company switched to stoneware collections in the 1990s. CorningWare white tea pots, especially the glass-ceramic versions, are susceptible to staining.

Use non-abrasive soap and plastic or nylon scouring pads to clean your white CorningWare tea pot. These materials remove rust stains while protecting your tea pot from scratching. CorningWare cautions against allowing stoneware tea pots to soak for extended periods, as subsequently heating the pot may cause cracking.

  1. Wash the tea pot by hand with a sponge and dish detergent, or in the dishwasher.

  2. Coat the inside of the tea pot with a non-abrasive cleanser, such as a liquid or cream soap. Avoid cleansers with abrasive agents, which may scratch the inside of the pot.

  3. Use a plastic or nylon cleaning pad to scour the inside of the tea pot.

  4. Rinse the inside of the tea pot thoroughly with water and examine the appearance. Repeat the scouring process, if necessary.

  5. Clean the by pot hand or in the dishwasher again to remove the cleanser completely.

  6. Tip

    Prevent future stains by not allowing tea to sit for long periods in the pot.