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Whirlpool Oven Leaves Yellow Stains When Self-Cleaning

Nicole Papagiorgio

Some Whirlpool oven models have a self-cleaning feature. When this feature is activated, the oven locks itself shut and heats up to temperatures of up to 900 degrees, which burns any grease or grime to ash. Users can wipe out the ash afterward with hot soapy water. In some cases, Whirlpool ovens may develop a yellow stain on the outside of the oven above the door during the self-cleaning cycle.


A permanent sealer gasket lines the Whirlpool oven door. When the oven locks for the self-cleaning cycle, this gasket prevents heat and steam from escaping. When you experience yellow stains on the outside of the oven after using the self-cleaning cycle, it is the result of the grease inside the oven heating up and being deposited above the oven door, which is only possible when there is a leak in the gasket. It is easy to pinpoint the source of the stain. Because steam and heat both rise, the stain will be directly above the leak or hole in the seal of the oven.


When you perform regular cleaning or maintenance to the outside of the oven, do not clean or touch the gasket seal. According to Whirlpool, bending or cleaning the gasket is not recommended and can lead to similar problems.

Whirlpool offers a 1-year warranty on stoves with self-cleaning features. If the gasket has not been cleaned by hand and it's damaged through no fault of your own, Whirlpool may replace it if you contact the store where you purchased it.


Whether or not you will be able to remove these ugly yellow stains depends on the material the oven is made of. If the scorched area is plastic, the stain may be permanent. However, if the material is ceramic, oven cleaner, you may be able to remove the yellow discoloration with degreaser or a stain-eraser pad.


Never use oven cleaner or other caustic products inside a self-cleaning oven, as this will damage the inside of the oven. However, you can use these products on the outside of the oven to remove any yellow or brown stains.