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What Are the Gray Marks in My Whirlpool Glasstop Stove?

Linda Richard

If you have a Whirlpool glass top stove, keep it clean and looking new with some care during and after every use. Gray marks on the stove are often metal marks, and these show on white ceramic tops more than on the black glass top stoves. The marks are present on either color with use of metal pots.

Stove Top Glass

Smooth top ranges are often Ceran or glass cooktops.

Whirlpool glass or ceramic stove tops are made of a product called Ceran, one of the products that can withstand the heat of an electric range for regular use. The cooking element will glow red when the burner is on and may cycle on and off to maintain the temperature. Whether your cooktop is black, gray or white, the glass top is the same composition. The far left corner usually has the Ceran name on the Whirlpool models.

Cause of Gray Marks

The gray marks are commonly caused by aluminum pots, although there can be other causes, including other pot compositions, according to Whirlpool. Stainless steel does not cause the gray marks as frequently but may cause gray marks with constant use. Aluminum foil may also cause gray marks, particularly if you use aluminum foil pans for popcorn or aluminum pie plates for spoon holders.

Cleaning Gray Marks

Whirlpool and several other companies make cooktop cleaners that remove the gray marks from Ceran stovetops. This is a creamy product applied with a soft pad that does not scratch or stain the cook top. Instructions on the squirt bottle are to apply the cleaner to the cool cooktop and rub lightly with a paper towel or soft cloth. Dry the surface with a soft cloth or towel. Do not use abrasive pads. The active ingredient in this product is citric acid.

Preventing Gray Marks

Whirlpool recommends stainless steel bottom pots for use on the glass cooktop stoves. Whirlpool does not recommend aluminum or cast iron, which will scratch the glass top. You may use copper-bottom pots if you make sure they are clean on the bottom. Check the bottom of a pot before you set it on the cooktop to prevent scratches and gray marks. Look for baked-on food or heavy stains. Avoid scratches on the glass top by not scooting pots from one burner to another. Even wet pots may stain the cooktop and make more work for you. If grease or food spatters when you cook, Whirlpool recommends that you clean the entire cooktop to prevent baked-on stains. A deep stainless steel pot will avoid gray marks and most spatters.