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What Does It Mean if My Kenmore Elite Front Load Machine Has an Error Message of "LOC"?

Jolie Johnson

Kenmore Elite is the premium line of Kenmore home appliances. The higher-end Elite line includes advanced features, special finishes and innovative styling. Kenmore produces a series of Elite front-load washing machines, which display errors on the control panel if something is wrong with the machine. The "LOC" error refers to a door lock issue.


At the time of publication, Kenmore offers 13 Elite front-load washers in a variety of colors, styles and finishes, including stackable washers and dryers. All the front-load washers in the Elite line have the Energy Star label, which means they use less energy than standard washers, reducing your utility bill. Kenmore Elite front-load washers have a door on the front of the machine, which is where you load your laundry.

Door Lock Feature

Not every model in the Elite front-load washer line-up has the same features, but several of the models offer a door lock. The washer has a dual-door lock with electric solenoids. You will hear a clicking sound when the door is locking or unlocking. The washing machine automatically locks the door at the beginning of the wash cycle, and unlocks it at the end of the cycle. In certain instances, the door remains locked for safety reasons. For example, during the express sanitize cycle, the washing machine uses hot water, up to 152 degrees Fahrenheit, to kill germs. If you cancel the cycle and the water temperature is still above 150 degrees, the door will not open until the washing machine completes a cool down rinse.

LOC Error

The "LOC" error indicates that the door lock is stuck and the machine is unable to lock or unlock the door. Several factors may cause this error, from a simple glitch in the system to an inactive solenoid. If the machine cannot lock the door, it will not begin the washing cycle. If it is unable to unlock the door, you cannot access your laundry at the end of the washing cycle.


The solution to the "LOC" error depends on many factors, including which Elite model machine you own and the cause of the error. If your machine has an "Options" and a "Select" button, try pressing and holding these for five seconds to clear the locking error. You can also try unplugging the machine for five minutes and then plugging it back in. If you cannot resolve the problem yourself, contact the Sears service department, as Sears is the only retailer that sells Kenmore products.