Specifications for the Frigidaire FWT647GHS0

Nicholas Briano

The Frigidaire FWT647GHS0 is one of the company's front-loading washing machines. Front loading machines are the types that you often find in a Laundromat with the clear round glass doors that swing open from the front of the machine. However, the FWT647GHS0 is considered a heavy-duty washer designed for home use. It comes equipped with a standard set of cycles and controls found on many other machines in this product class.


The washer measures 34.625 inches high from the bottom of the washer to the top. It stands 26.75 inches wide and 24.75 inches deep. The water connections are located on the right side in the rear of the washer, 31.625 inches from the bottom. The swing-out door, when fully extended, increases the washing machine's depth by another 17 inches.

Detergent Tray

The console above the door, which features the washer controls, also has a slide-out tray on the left side of the machine to add detergent and bleach into for the wash cycles. Unlike many top-loading machines, this washer has a tray to add the soap, which is then diluted with water to avoid direct contact of the soap on your clothes and cause spotting. The tray has compartments for detergent, bleach and fabric softener and is also removable from the tracks for cleaning. Soap can build up inside the tray; therefore, occasionally remove the tray from its compartment and clean it.

Washer Controls

The console features four different categories of controls that include wash/rinse temperature, extra rinse, final spin speed and wash cycles. The wash/rinse control has four water temperature settings to choose from. The water temperatures can be selected from choices such as hot wash with cold rinse, a warm wash with cold rinse, cold wash with cold rinse and warm wash with warm rinse. The washer cycles feature the choice of a regular wash, permanent press wash or delicate wash.

Front-locking Door

The Frigidaire FWT647GHS0 front-loading door locks automatically at the beginning of each wash cycle to prevent any accidental openings of the door, which can cause flood damage to your home and the washer.