What Does Pulse Mean on GE Washers?

Mario Calhoun

Top-loading GE washers use an agitator to eliminate dirt from clothing by rotating based on the configured settings of the cleaning cycle.

The pulsing feature in some of the newer GE washers is used to provide an extra boost during the agitator's cleaning process by gently pulsing during the wash cycle to loosen tough stains. The pulsing feature is configurable when initially selecting your cleaning options.


Heavily soiled yet delicate clothing requires special care when cleaning to prevent damage to the fabric. Such articles benefit from the pulsator's gentle vibrations, which help eliminate stains. The pulsator gently vibrates while the agitator rotates during the wash cycle and is safe to use for medium to delicate garments.

Cycle Type

The pulse option is typically available for the casual cleaning cycle as the agitator simulates the gentle scrubbing action of hand washing and is useful for preventing wrinkled clothing at the end of the cycle. Clothing is treated delicately, and the pulsing periodically pauses during the wash cycle to reduce wear and tear to clothing.


The pulse/agitate setting is found in the upper right corner on the washer's control panel and requires a light load of soiled clothing to prevent washer imbalance during use to clean efficiently. As with any clothing, delicates should be cleaned according to the instructions listed on the garment's cleaning tag to prevent damage.


The pulse/agitate feature is found on the GE WHDSR209 and WBXR2090 washers. It can be manually configured for optimal cleaning based on your fabric's delicacy. Do not mix heavy clothing with delicate clothing as the load imbalance affects the quality of the pulse action during the wash cycle.