How to Work a Kenmore Washer Model

Kenmore washing machines have been in production for more than 80 years. As of 2010, the company offered two main styles: top-load washers and front-load washers. These styles are divided by the way in which you put the garments into the machine for cleaning.

Each washer includes knobs or buttons to make setting selections for your wash. Knob-style machines require turning the knob directly to the desired setting, and the button-style machines may require you to press the setting button multiple times to reach the specific setting you want.


Refer to the wash labels on your items to determine which settings are best for each of them.

  1. Choose the setting for the size of the load you put into the machine. Options are available for small, medium and large loads. The setting reflects the level to which the machine will fill with water while washing.

  2. Select the water temperature. You may select to wash and rinse the load in either hot or cold water.

  3. Pick your wash setting. Standard settings are heavy duty, normal, permanent press and delicate wash. These settings refer to the intensity in which the machine agitates the load. Some Kenmore models include additional settings.

  4. Add detergent or another cleaning solution to the washing machine. Some Kenmore models have a specific bin to add the cleaning solution, while in others you put it directly into the tub with your items to be washed.

  5. Start your washing machine. The method to do that varies by specific model. You may have to pull the dial for your wash setting outward or press a "start" button.