GE Washer Soak Cycle Use

Vickie Van Antwerp

There are certain rules to using the soak cycle on a GE washer, such as avoiding the use of the mini-basket tub or fabric softener. Check the GE website for operations manuals if you do not have one.

Basic SoakCycle

Some GE models have extended soak cycles.

Select the soak cycle on the selector and start the washing machine. Add detergent first and then the pre-sorted clothes. If you prefer an extended soak let the washer fill and agitate long enough to dissolve the detergent. Stop the machine by pushing in the cycle selector and keep the lid closed. Soaking will take place as long as you desire.

Auto-Soak Cycle

The Auto Soak cycle allows the washer to fill and agitate first. The selector is set to the Pre-Wash and Auto Soak dial. Pre-wash and soak takes place for the time set by the selector. The washer will automatically agitate then soak and advance to the Pre-Wash cycle.

Extra Cleaning

Some models have an Extra-Cleaning with Auto-Soak cycle. Set the timer in this cycle and the washer will begin the extra cleaning after the soaking cycle.