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How to Use a Laundromat

Kathryn Hatter

There seems to come a time in everyone's life when they must venture into a laundromat.


Whether you find yourself needing to use a laundromat for regular laundry needs every week or only once in a while to wash something extra bulky or large, there are a few things to do to make sure that your laundromat trips are a success. Learn how to use a laundromat and come home with sweet smelling clothing.

  1. Sort your clothing before you leave home. Organize your dirty laundry into the loads you will be washing and place the loads of laundry that will be washed into separate containers or bags for transporting. Use laundry baskets, milk crates or garbage bags for transporting your separated laundry loads to the laundromat.

  2. When you get to the laundromat, place your items together on a counter or in a cart (if available) as you survey the laundromat to figure out where you need to transport your laundry. Read any laundromat rules that are posted to make sure you use the laundromat in accordance with the rules.

  3. Determine how many washing machines you need. If the laundromat is equipped with super-capacity washing machines, you may be able to combine some of your loads and use fewer machines. Try to find the number of machines you need and the type of machines you need that are located next to each other.

  4. Haul your laundry to your selected machines and open the washing machines. Spray the disinfecting cleaner onto the surfaces of the washing machines and wipe the surfaces clean with the paper towels. Throw the dirty paper towels away.

  5. Read any specific instructions for operating the washing machines to completely familiarize yourself with the use and operation of the washing machines.

  6. Load your dirty laundry into the washing machines according to your loads that you previously separated. Close the washing machines and add the necessary detergent to the washing machines according to manufacturer instructions. Select the water temperature and washing cycle desired (cotton, permanent press, delicate, etc.).

  7. Place the necessary coins into the washing machines and make sure that each machine begins as it should. Note the length of the washing cycle to know when the cycle will be over.

  8. Find a chair and keep yourself busy with whatever you brought to occupy yourself while you wait. Do not leave your laundry unattended.

  9. Remove your washed clothing when the washing machine cycles have finished. Transfer the wet clothes back to your containers you used for transporting the clothing. Find available dryers and prepare them for your laundry by spraying them with your disinfecting cleaner again and wiping them down with paper towels. Throw away the paper towels. Check the lint traps as well and empty them if necessary.

  10. Load your wet laundry into the dryers you cleaned and prepared, along with a dryer sheet if you use them. Select your drying heat level and place the necessary coins into the dryer. Make sure each dryer begins to operate. Note the length of time the dryers will run.

  11. Go back to your chair and occupy yourself again while you wait. Again, do not leave your laundry unattended.

  12. Check your clothes in the dryers as the time when they will be finished gets close. Determine whether you will need to add more coins for longer drying times or whether your clothes will be sufficiently dried. Add more coins if necessary.

  13. Remove your clothing when everything has dried. Fold each item of clothing as you remove it from the dryer and place each item directly into your container for transporting the laundry.

  14. Clean up after yourself before you leave. Clean your lint traps from the dryers you used. Throw away any trash you created. Pick up all your belongings. Make sure you have everything you brought with you.