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How to Use Ariel Washing Powder

C. Giles

Ariel Biological was launched in the 1960s to a collective sigh of relief from housewives throughout the United Kingdom. Due to its enzymes, the laborious process of boiling and scrubbing clothes was no longer required; the entire washing process was made far easier.

Using powder is an easy way to wash your clothes.

Since then, Ariel has introduced many other washing products to the market, including Ariel Ultra, which was one of the first compact detergents, and Ariel Non-Biological, to reduce the risk of irritation to sensitive skin.

  1. Transfer the correct amount of Ariel washing powder into the main wash section of your washer's dispensing drawer, using the measuring scoop provided. Follow the directions on the back of the Ariel packet. Close the drawer.

  2. Place your laundry into the drum and close the door.

  3. Set your washer to your desired cycle, with the water temperature on the highest setting that will be safe for your laundry. Press "start" to begin the wash.

  4. Tip

    As an alternative to powder, Ariel is available in tablet, gel and liqui-tab form. Place tablets into the main wash section of your washer's dispensing drawer or at the back of the drum before adding your laundry. Place one liquitab into the drum before adding your laundry. Add the correct amount of gel into the dosing ball and sit it on top of your laundry inside the drum. Refer to the package for further instructions. Refer to the labels on your clothes before washing them. As a general rule, wash very bright and dark colors in cold water, light and white colors in hot water, and all other colors in warm water.