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How to Use Front Loader Powder in Top Loader Washing Machines

Louise Lawson

Early clothes washing methods often consisted of a river and a rock, although the invention of the modern top loader washing machine has made doing laundry a much easier chore to accomplish. Front load washing machines are now available, although they use a different type of detergent than top loaders. If you accidentally purchase front loader powder, don’t worry. Front loader powder can be used in a top loader washing machine without a problem and will still result in a load of clean, fresh clothes.

Step 1

Read through your instruction manual to find out how much detergent your machine calls for. Front loader washing machines use less water than top loading machines, so they take a smaller amount of detergent. The directions on the package will give you the amount for a front loader, but your user’s manual will give you the proper measurement for your top loader machine.

Step 2

Start your washing machine and pour in the recommended amount of powder, spreading it evenly around the tub of your machine to prevent clumping. Allow the washer to fill completely with water before adding your clothes and to allow the detergent to fully dissolve and keep your clothes from becoming streaked with detergent during washing.

Step 3

Spread your clothes evenly around the tub of your washer. Place heavier objects such as jeans and towels on the bottom, adding lighter clothes on top. As your washer agitates and spins, the weight of the clothes can cause your machine to wobble and shift, and evenly distributing your clothes will prevent your washer from moving during use.

Step 4

Close the lid and allow the washer to cycle completely to get your clothes clean. Front loading powder is different from top loading power because it is made to produce fewer suds due to the smaller amount of water used by front load machines. Your clothes will still get clean using front loading power, but you will notice a smaller amount of bubbles as your clothes wash.

Step 5

Check your clothes for detergent spots before placing them in the dryer. If you notice any undissolved spots of soap, turn your washer back to the rinse cycle. Allow the clothes to rinse and spin again to remove any last traces of soap.