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How to Troubleshoot a Fisher & Paykel Ecosmart Washer

Nick Grimes

Fisher and Paykel's Ecosmart washers are clothes washing machines designed to provide thorough cleaning to consumers while using less water and electricity. This provides value and gives the machines appeal among environmentally-conscious consumers. If your Ecosmart washer isn't working as well as you would like, take basic troubleshooting steps like resetting the washer to return the machine to its optimum condition.

Wash clothes while remaining environmentally conscious.
  1. Unplug the unit at the wall. Wait 20 seconds and then plug the unit back in and press "Power." Resetting the washer can often fix the problem.

  2. Turn on the hot and cold faucets leading to the machine to ensure water is feeding into the machine. If either water pipe bulges or straightens, turn the faucet off and disconnect the pipe, collecting water in a basin. Check the pipe and connection for foreign items and remove any blockages, and then re-attach the pipe and turn the faucet back on.

  3. Remove clothes and check for excess suds that can prevent the machine from filling correctly. Wait for the suds to dissolve and then replace clothes, filling evenly to ensure the machine doesn't develop problems spinning. If the machine is leaking or rocking, leave some clothes out of the load and wash them separately. For best results, wet clothes shouldn't fill more than 2/3 of the central drum.

  4. Use a spirit level to ensure the machine is sitting perfectly level. Check all four rubber feet of the machine for damage or disconnection. If the machine isn't sitting level with feet securely fastened, it can become unbalanced, affecting water levels and wash cycle performance.

  5. Place two cups of detergent in the machine without clothes loaded. Press "Power" and hold "Favorite" until the machine beeps twice. Select "Permanent Press" and "Hot Wash." Press "Favorite" to clean out the machine, washing away soapy buildup to improve the machine's cleaning capabilities.