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How to Troubleshoot Kenmore Washer HE4T Problems

Meredith Jameson

The Kenmore Elite HE 4T washing machine is a front-loading automatic washer. Kenmore brand appliances are sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co., and now at Kmart, which also is owned by Sears Holding Company.

The washer offers several options, including stain treatment, energy saver and extended spin features, variable temperature combinations, different cycles for specific fabrics, and custom wash programs. If problems occur with the washing machine, a little troubleshooting may help to identify the cause and perhaps even resolve the issue without the need to call for repair service.

  1. Plug the power cord for the Kenmore Elite washing machine firmly into the power outlet if the washer does not operate at all. Check and replace or reset the fuse or circuit breaker if necessary.

  2. Turn on the hot and cold water faucets that serve the washing machine, if the washer won’t fill with water. Ensure the water hoses are straight. Clean the inlet valve screens if necessary.

  3. Determine whether the end of the drain hose is more than 96 inches above the floor if the washer won’t drain. Lower and straighten the drain hose.

  4. Avoid using an extension cord if the washer stops suddenly during use. Extension cords cannot provide enough energy to support the machine.

  5. Use high-efficiency laundry detergent (HE) if “SUD” appears on the display, indicating that too many suds are present in the washing machine. Fill only to the mark on the dispenser drawer.

  6. Select “Pause/Cancel” if “F02” appears on the display, indicating drainage problems. Turn off the washer, clean the drain hose inlet screen, and straighten the hose.

  7. Select “Pause/Cancel” if “FH” appears on the display, which indicates insufficient water supply. Turn off the washing machine, and clean and straighten the water hoses. Make sure the water faucets are turned on.

  8. Select “Pause/Cancel” if “F” and another number appears on the display, indicating electrical problems. Select “Drain & Spin” to allow extra water to drain, and press “Start.” Contact Sears repair service if the error code appears on the display again.