Polyester in the Dryer

Kate Morgan

Polyester garments are durable and easy to care for when washed and dried properly. Certain considerations when drying keep polyester looking its best.

Optimal Settings

Polyester fabrics can often be machine dried on a low or air-dry setting. If you use the low setting, be sure to check it periodically. You'll want to avoid over drying, which can cause shrinkage.

Garment Care Instructions

Often times polyester garments come with a garment care tag that can be found underneath the size tag. Following these instructions will always yield best results when drying.

Static Cling

Polyester garments often cling together when dried with heat. A dryer sheet can help prevent this static-cling effect.

Dry With Like Garments

To avoid excess lint, polyester is best washed and dried with other like fabrics. Leave your heavy cotton and terry cloth items for another load.


Heat is polyester's worst enemy. Be sure to minimize exposure.