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How to Thread a Seam Master

Charles Poole

Seam Master sewing machines are used to repair or create garments and are manufactured by Simplicity Home Care. If you would like to thread your Seam Master sewing machine, you can do it with little hassle. Once the sewing machine is threaded, you will be all set to repair your clothing. You don’t have to be a sewing machine expert to thread the needle on your Seam Master.

Step 1

Turn the handwheel so the needle is in the highest position.

Step 2

Press down on the presser foot. This will make it easier for the thread to pass through.

Step 3

Put a spool of thread onto the spool pin at the top of your machine.

Step 4

Pull the thread from the spool and put it through the thread point at the top of the unit.

Step 5

Put the thread through the tension assembly on the bottom left hand side of the machine.

Step 6

Push the thread through the next threading point at the bottom of the machine.

Step 7

Thread the needle on the machine and pull a few inches of thread out through the needle.

Step 8

Put a bobbin on the machine’s bobbin holder to close the unit’s throat plate.

Step 9

Thread the bobbin thread through the needle.

Step 10

Release the foot pedal and turn on the machine to start sewing.