Different Ideas for a Microwave Stand

If finding a spot for a microwave in your kitchen is a challenge, a microwave stand is an ideal solution since it is a freestanding furniture item that leaves your countertop clear for other uses. While you can purchase pre-made stands, you may already have items in your home that you can repurpose to serve as a microwave stand if you're on a tight budget or enjoy recycling. The benefit of using a repurposed item is that it will likely have more storage space than a traditional microwave stand, which always comes in handy in a kitchen.


An old dresser can make an ideal microwave stand in a kitchen with limited storage space.

If you have a medium size bookcase in your basement or attic that’s collecting dust, it can make a simple but effect microwave stand. You can set the microwave on the top of bookcase so it will be at a convenient height for operation. However, use a bookcase that is strong and wide enough to support your microwave. A solid wood bookcase should be able to handle the weight, but check a laminate or particleboard model for bowing when you place the microwave on top. The remaining shelves are ideal for housing cookbooks and appliance owner’s manuals or displaying decorative bowls, plates, glassware and vases.


You could turn an old wooden or metal desk into a budget-friendly microwave stand that has room to spare. Since a desk has a large top surface, you can place your microwave in the center or set it to one side so you can set another appliance such as a coffee machine, stand mixer, food processor or bread machine beside it. The desk’s drawers provide plenty of storage space for kitchen tools and gadgets or tablecloths and napkins if you don’t have a linen closet.


If you have enough room in your kitchen, an old buffet or credenza can make an attractive, elegant microwave stand. It is an ideal option for a formal kitchen since a buffet is usually made of solid wood and has a decorative trim and molding. Like a desk, it also offers a large surface, so you can place additional appliances beside your microwave. You can store extra dishes, bowls, and silverware inside it as well. Some buffets also have a wine rack built in, so you don’t need to take up extra floor space with a separate wine rack.


If your kitchen has extremely limited storage space, try using a bedroom dresser as a microwave stand. A dresser is usually an ideal height for holding a microwave. The top surface is typically wide enough to hold one as well. With several drawers, it also provides significant storage space for kitchen tools, cookbooks and dishes. Depending on how deep the drawers are, you may even be able store pots and pans inside them. If your kitchen doesn’t have a pantry, you can even store extra canned and packaged food items in the drawers.

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