What Causes My New Whirlpool Dryer to Keep Blowing the Heat Fuse?

Most Whirlpool clothes dryers have a heat or thermal fuse that blows when the dryer begins to overheat. The fuse’s activation automatically shuts off the heater to let the dryer cool down. If your dryer keeps blowing its heat fuse, you need to determine why your dryer is overheating; otherwise, the dryer will keep blowing each replacement fuse you install.

Lack of Air Circulation

A Whirlpool dryer’s heat fuse will blow if the dryer can’t circulate air effectively. If airflow becomes blocked, due to lint accumulated in the dryer vent, it can cause the dryer’s temperature to rise quickly and may blow the heat fuse. Detach the dryer’s vent hose and clean it out with a vacuum cleaner. Verify that the dryer’s external exhaust vent on the side or roof of your home is open, and get rid of any obstacles that you might find. Empty the lint screen after each laundry load, especially if you wash towels or bed linens that produce a lot of lint.

Safety Thermostat

The heat fuse is connected to a safety thermostat that blows the fuse if the temperature rises to the dryer’s preset trip level. It’s possible, however, that the safety thermostat is broken or one of its connections is bad, which will cause it to blow the fuse even though the dryer isn’t overheating. Contact Whirlpool to request that a technician inspect the safety thermostat, and replace it if the service technician discovers that it’s faulty.


The heater on a Whirlpool dryer cycles on and off to ensure that the temperature remains fairly constant throughout a complete drying cycle. A cycling thermostat on your dryer monitors the heat level and signals the heater when to come on and shut off. If the cycling thermostat goes bad, the heater might come on but not turn off. Consequently, the temperature inside the dryer just continues to escalate until the heat fuse blows and shuts off the heater. Schedule an appointment with Whirlpool to service your dryer, and swap out any cycling thermostats that might be malfunctioning.


A Whirlpool dryer’s heat fuse can blow just once and then it must be substituted. This can be frustrating if the fuse keeps blowing. The Repair2000 website recommends fixing your dryer’s heating problem first before you replace a blown fuse or else you’re apt to be constantly changing blown fuses. In addition, a dryer with a blown fuse won’t heat or spin properly. For example, your dryer might start to heat, but then run cold, and the drum’s tumbling might weaken. Rest assured that your dryer will return to its usual function after the overheating issue is rectified and a new fuse is installed.