What Is an F4 Failure on a Kenmore Oven?

Michaele Curtis

Your Kenmore oven displays error codes when it malfunctions to help you or a repair technician figure out what’s wrong with it without going through an extensive checklist. Although error codes can vary depending on your model of oven, an F4 code general means a problem with the temperature settings. Replacing the sensors is a quick repair using parts from Sears to change any malfunctioning sensors.

Kenmore Ovens

Kenmore appliances are the store brand of the Sears department store. Since it’s not a manufacturer, Sears has other companies manufacturer its Kenmore branded appliances. So, your Kenmore oven may actually be made by, for example, Whirlpool or Maytag. This doesn’t matter in most cases, but your Kenmore oven’s error sensor may vary depending on the original manufacturer. In most cases, an F4 error means a problem with the temperature sensors inside the oven cabin.

Temperature Sensors

Your Kenmore oven has temperature sensors inside the oven cavity, usually located in the back of the oven, depending on the model. These sensors measure the temperature of the oven, and the unit adjusts the burners according to the sensors’ measurements. You may have noticed this process at work as your oven cycles on and off while in use. This is the unit trying to keep the temperature of the oven as you set it on the control panel.

Before Repairing

If you’re getting an F4 error code, your Kenmore oven use and care manual recommends you make sure it’s not a mistake. Try clearing the code by pressing “Stop” on the display panel. This also stops any beeping or other alerts that may occur with the error code. Attempt to program the oven again. If it occurs again, it confirms there is a problem with temperature sensors.


Replacement of the oven sensors should be done by a Kenmore certified repair technician to avoid voiding any available manufacturer or extended warranties on the oven. The process varies by model but generally requires you to unplug the unit and open the oven door. Locate the sensors in the back of the oven and use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding them in place. Disconnect them from the sensor wires and connect the new sensors in their places. New sensor parts can be ordered directly from Sears.