Granite vs. Quartz Sinks

When it comes to selecting sinks for your home, you’ll need to consider many factors, especially durability and longevity. You’ll also need to consider your room's design along with color options as well as your family’s needs. While there are many materials to select from, quartz and granite are popular choices.

The Materials

Consider your decor when selecting a sink material.

Granite has been used as a building material both indoors and outdoors for centuries thanks to its durability and elegant look. Formed deep inside the earth, granite is composed primarily of interlocking crystals of feldspar. These crystals come in a variety of colors. Composed of silicon and oxygen, quartz is the most abundant mineral found on this planet. It is resistant to all types of weathering, and is chemically inert and extremely hard, making it a perfect material when durability is required.

Granite Sinks

Due to its weight, solid granite is seldom used for sinks. However, granite composite formed of granite and polyresin overcomes this problem while still providing the look and durability of the stone. Granite sinks are extremely resistant to scratches and chipping; in addition, their resistance to heat allows pans to go straight from the stove to the sink. Granite composite comes in a wide variety of colors, making it suitable for almost every decor.

Quartz Sinks

Just like granite sinks, most quartz sinks are actually a composite made of quartz and a polyresin filler. While quartz composite sinks are also very resistant to scratching, chipping and staining, they are not quite as durable as granite sinks since their stone particles are not as densely packed. However, quartz composite sinks are able to accept some dyeing to provide a wider variety of colors than granite. This lower rock density also allows them to be formed into more shapes.

Other Considerations

While both granite and quartz offer durability and longevity, quartz sinks are not as expensive as granite sinks. While granite sinks only come in a matte finish, those made of quartz often exhibit a glossy finish. In addition, matching granite and quartz counter tops can complete the elegant look for either material. Optional accessories, such as drainboards and drying racks, are possible with both choices.

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