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Feng Shui: How Many Wind Chimes by the Front Door?

Wendy K. Leigh

Wind chimes, also known as magic bells, hold a special significance in the art of feng shui, especially when placed just outside a doorway. Only one wind chime should be situated near a front door, but the number of rods on that unit have implications for attracting good luck and warding off evil influences. Generally, the best number of rods on a wind chime during the feng shui Period 8 running from 2004 to 2024 is five, six or eight.

The Philosophy

Wind chimes placed for good luck.

In feng shui philosophy, wind chimes placed outside the front door transform bad energy and harmful chi into seng chi, which is intrinsic energy that brings good fortune to the occupants of a home. Two forces that facilitate these things through wind chimes are the cheerfulness of the sound and the life from the wind that breathes through the tubes. The role of wind chimes in feng shui is to cure and to energize. Although a less common practice, placing wind chimes inside the front doorway rather than on the outside serves to welcome guests or announce the arrival of occupants.

Materials and Placement

The type of material and the directional placement of the wind chime also play a role in facilitating good luck. For example, six-rod metal wind chimes placed in the west sector represent happiness and activate good luck for children. When placed in the north sector, the same wind chime activates career luck. If it is shifted to the northwest sector, it boosts mentor luck and attracts helpful people into your life. Five rods on a wind chime symbolize the five traditional feng shui elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water; they work together in the chime to protect against negative energy.